Have You Taken a Career Break ?

We already know that a career break can change your life but it wasn’t until recently that they have become popular in countries such as the United States. Ten years ago, a career break would have been considered a career suicide. And nowadays with the still uncertain economy, many assume that people should be happy with the job they have and not risk losing it.

Even if you fancy such an experience there are a lot of logical reasons not to do so. It’s scary to think that you leave a somewhat stable situation behind and choose the unknown. And what about when you get back home? How would you get another job?

That’s why people are looking for inspiration and examples of those who have already chosen to take a career break. They haven’t just left everything behind, many went on self-discovery journeys , whether they planned it or not. In many cases, the feeling that something was “missing” sparked the idea of traveling the world and taking a career break.

Did you take a gap year or have you taken a career break?

At one point in my life I was not happy with where my professional life would take me and decide to go back to a hobby: writing. I was un-employed and searching for freelancing gigs, which happily arrived in my inbox sooner than I expected. While I haven’t planned a career break, the Universe made it clear for me back in 2007 that I needed to take a break and I did. It was sprinkled with a trip to Budapest, followed by finding (or maybe being found by) BootsnAll. Writing as I travel is something I enjoy a lot, that’s why I probably would never just leave everything behind , but I certainly plan to travel for a longer period of time next year (and most likely limit my work to just writing).

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Week 41 of the Indie Travel Challenge is all about career break.

Did you take a gap year or have you taken a career break?

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