What in your hometown should more visitors experience?

Today for the 2015 Indie Travel Challenge we asked:

Nov 4 - question


Today we asked Andreea, our Marketing and Communications Coordinator to answer this (mostly because she is from Romania, and we want to learn more about it ourselves.  It’s awesome having co-workers around the world!)


Andreea chose to tell us about a place in Bucharest, Romania:

“There’s this magical space, unlike any other in Bucharest. From the outside, you might say it’s a cafe or you might say it’s a library – but it’s neither of those. It’s called Seneca Anticafe and as the name already suggests, it’s a place that puts your synapses to work. It does that in a playful, silent and multi-faceted way.

At arrival you are asked to choose a bookmark out of a variety of bookmarks with various artist’s, writer’s, philosopher’s names on them. Your persona gets registered and thus your arrival time marked – because you’ll pay the time spent there. Time you can literally spend reading books, playing boardgames, engaging in different craft works like drawing, painting – or work. You can bring your own laptop and connect to their WIFI  or use one of their desktops and working desks. There’s also a HD projector with a lovely, simplistic and very comfy area which can turn into a private booth. There are special places for each activity. Tea and snacks are provided in a self-service area. The background music is non-existent. You can hear whispers, giggles or the sound of someone playing an arrhythmic tune on a keyboard. It’s such a lovely and personal experience.

This place is like a world within a world. You are surrounded by others, by other’s activities – yet there’s this all-encompassing silence and calmness around you and you’re in the realm of your own thoughts and experiences. Precious way of literally spending time.”



So what place in your hometown (or where you are visiting now) do you find amazing and think more visitors should experience?  Tell us and share your answers on social media with the hashtag #DoYouIndie.

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