Author: Sean Keener

How Has Food Connected You To a Destination During Your Travels?

Food is an important part of our travels and helps us understand the culture of the place we visit. Sure, it’s “just” a way to fill our hungry bellies, but when you stop at a street cart and taste what’s on offer, you also get to know the people who eat it regularly.
I remember the smile of the old man who sold pretzels in Athens, on a rainy Sunday. I thanked him in Greek. Then I realized I just tasted the best pretzels. Ever. It didn’t matter it was pouring rain an we were cold and tired . We paid just 80 euro-cents for our meal on the go and it was amazing.
Food has a way to connect us to the places we visit. You may remember only a hint of smell which takes you back exactly to that hidden alley where you tasted something special. Even if the result was sometimes a belly ache. How has food connected you to a destination during your travels? Tell us your story. What was the weirdest food you tried? What was the tastiest you tried?
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Week 23 of the Indie Travel Challenge is all about food and how it has connected you to a destination during your travels.

What is your favorite food and what does it remind you of? Do you associate a smell with a certain place?How has food connected you to a destination during your travels?

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