How do you enjoy the simple moments and details when you travel?

Traveling around the world is exciting, its new, its a rush, but like any other drug, you might find yourself one day just ‘chasing the next high’.   Sometimes you get so caught up on finding that next big adventure, that next big adrenaline rush, that you become jaded to the small nuances that make the world beautiful.

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Dani tells us what she does to step back and appreciate the small things:

“I stop and sit.  I pick a park or somewhere relaxing and just sit and watch everything around me – the people, animals, the trees and the clouds.  What I don’t do is pull out my phone or camera.  I leave technology and distractions behind and just sit for at least an hour.

It’s not easy and sometimes it’s downright frustrating just sitting and not doing something. I feel awkward. I want some kind of distraction – but that defeats the purpose of appreciating the small things.   When you force yourself to stop and sit, you start to actually SEE everything around you.  And you’ll realize there are a lot of little details that you’ve been missing out on with your ‘go go go’ mentality. “


This is such a great and simple exercise to practice.

How do you seek pleasure in the simple moments and details.

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