I Used To Be A Dirty Hippie

Old friend of BootsnAll and 1st female member Francesca sent this photo to me recently.

I think this photo is from night we all went camping in West Virginia…15 years or so ago. Disturbing. It’s true. I used to be a dirty hippy.

Not Chris. Always the clean cut Aussie. Photographic evidence above.

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jerry januszewski
17 February 2014

No, you’re not a dirty hippie [sic] and never were. First, you’re just too young. Second, you couldn’t possibly know what it means to be a hippy, no matter how long your hair or how unclean your body. Even using the phrase “dirty hippie” indicates that you aren’t, and weren’t, a hippy.
Your need to clarify that era of your life, and put it in some historical perspective is legitimate. I wish you well in your quest for self-definition.

Sean Keener
17 February 2014

I agree Jerry. I posted this 3+ years ago. Not sure why I said that. Cheers to you!

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