Indie release notes for JAN 21, 2014

Want advice on your long-term trip? Want crowd-sourced advice? How about both?
From Indie you can now submit your route via the “get advice” icon in the toolbox. Your submission is posted to the brand new “beta” BootsnAll Trips section where you and any member of our community can discuss your trip. (

Our staff is making sure every question gets a quick response from an experienced traveler. We are utilizing for our comments engine to make sure they are as fast and secure as they can be.

We have updated our system to handle 192 or more concurrent flight searches elegantly. This number includes flexible date searches since those are complete searches as well. This will help us handle higher traffic.

We updated our database servers to be larger and faster. There are noticeable speed-ups in some places. We updated two of our backend servers to use solid state drives so they can work faster on database actions as well.

We discovered that some resolutions did not work well for our flight details and booking pages. We fixed them.

We improved the automation of the one-page flight details we send to customers with all their flight info and airline confirmation numbers. These are all crafted by hand to be as readable and useful as possible. That takes time. Now it takes several minutes less time on our part per document so you can get them faster.

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