Indie release notes for JAN 30, 2014

Indie now instantly shows price estimates for routes as you build them without having to enter dates (no login required). This applies to all routes Indie supports, including routes with up to 25 stops and by-land segments. (example:

The estimates are based on real search results done on Indie by real people and they are shown as a range because prices for flights do fluctuate based on so many factors. The estimates are NOT generated by an algorithm so you can count on them being based in reality for your specific route.

Add 3 legs or more in order to see the instant estimates. Some routes do not show estimates because there isn’t enough data yet. In those cases, just do a search on Indie to get a real price. Your search will add to Indie’s database for estimates.

With this release we also fixed some design issues at certain resolutions for the booking page and thanks pages.

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