Let’s Go to Eastern Europe!

Italy, France and Spain lure the tourist crowds when it comes to Western Europe; Central and Eastern Europe tend to be forgotten by mainstream tourism, and for many, that’s part of the appeal. While countries in Eastern Europe often boasts surprisingly modern cities and good food, they are still relatively free of crowds.

From Hungary to Ukraine, Czech Republic to Estonia, there are countless cities and small towns that make up the road less traveled in Eastern Europe. Their “off the beaten path” status means they may be harder to reach, but your extra effort will be rewarded with a side of Europe you’ve never seen before, and at a price that can’t be matched elsewhere on the continent.

This week we’re digging deeper into the lure of Eastern Europe. First up, we’ll see how you can explore the best of Eastern Europe in Budapest, by experiencing the history, food, art and architecture of the city.  Then we’ll check out some of the best off the beaten path experiences in Czech Republic,  discover the best places for expats to live, and then take a tongue-in-cheek look at some of the contributions Communism made to Eastern Europe, and why you should visit now before these last vestiges of life behind the Iron Curtain disappear.

What’s your favorite place in Eastern Europe?

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