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What do they do? Online limousine reservation service that allows users to compare fast, free quotes from the world’s best limo services.

Are they a business-to-business (B2B) company, or business-to-consumer (B2C)? B2C

Presentation Notes: isn’t all about limousines just in the traditional sense, they also offer booking for other types of private cars and drivers. ask why it is that in the taxi category the process for booking is not as easy as booking a hotel or flight, with info and prices easily searchable online.  The problem is that most consumers have a choice of a local company that they can book over the phone and that offers good prices and service, or a national company that offers reliable service and online booking but that charges a premium for it. addresses that problem by working with the best best local suppliers and making them compete online for business so that consumers get the best price. The benefit to the consumer is that they can order a car service online from a list of pre-screened suppliers and read user-generated reviews about each service to help them make their decision. Consumers just input the dates, the reason for the car (airport trip, wine tour, special event, etc) and then select the car that best fits their needs and budget. They pre-pay, and the price includes the tax and tip.

Why should/shouldn’t travelers care?
Travelers who have need of a private car service – be it a limo for a special occasion or just a ride to the airport in a city where cabs are pricey – will be able to search, compare, and book, all on one site. In some cities, a private driver and car is the same price or not much cheaper than the cost of a taxi, plus the hassle factor is much lower. 

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