Marketing Communication Coordinator Job Opening

The BootsnAll Travel Network is looking for a new high-level marketing colleague.

Do you understand and believe in long-term travel as an educational tool? Have you spent a significant amount of time outside your passport country?

Do you love making meaningful connections with people in your life and embrace the constant change in the world?

Are you a voracious learner and do you work and play with passion?

If so, you are one of us. Read the job description below to see if your skill set and experience makes you a candidate for this position.

Marketing Communication Coordinator Job Opening
This opportunity is open now. We are a virtual company so you work from anywhere in the world, but you must be available to meet with your colleagues regularly during the mornings in Pacific Standard Time.

This job is good for anyone with past success at direct email marketing, visitor data analysis, and account management who would like to grow those skills while working with an established high-functioning team in a virtual office (no commute).

If you’ve held any of these roles, you may be qualified for this position: Product Manager, Analytics Analyst, Community Manager, Direct Mail Manager, Marketing Coordinator, Affiliate Program Manager, Account Manager.

Why this role exists.
This role exists to satisfy two ongoing tasks: maintain great relationships with website visitors by optimizing semi-automated communication with them, and use research to continually segment travelers into groups to best help them with their travel planning.

Automated Communication
The communication coordinator has hands-on responsibility for automated communication with travelers (includes listening and talking). The communication they conduct is multi-channel but primarily via email and automated contextual triggers in the software. They are continually refining and segmenting travelers to discover and provide the best communication at the best time to help them with long-term travel planning.

Craft Traveler Segments
The communication coordinator uses data and user stories to craft ways to segment travelers in ever more helpful ways (to the company and the users) in order to present them the best advice, products and services to help them with their trip planning.



  • Analyze traffic. Find patterns. Isolate what’s important. Use Google Analytics, Excel, and custom data sets bigger than fit in Excel.
  • Make connections. Find helpful ways to match business partner offerings to user trip planning experience (email and online).
  • Ability to empathize with a diverse global audience who wants to travel.
  • Manage accounts for a small, targeted group of business partners.
  • Coordinate all automated communication such as newsletters, trigger emails, email campaigns via Mailchimp and our proprietary CRM.
  • Ability to work passionately in a calm, cooperative and self-motivated virtual office environment.
  • Ability to maintain your own office and ability to video-conference with the team for short scheduled meetings during the day in PST.


  • Organization and planning – Plans, organizes, schedules and budgets in an efficient, productive manner. Focuses on key priorities.
  • Communication – Speaks and writes clearly without being overly verbose. Maintains this standard in all forms of communication.
  • Follow-through on commitments. Lives up to verbal and written agreements.
  • Analytical skills – Able to structure and process qualitative or quantitative data and draw insightful conclusions from it that are actionable
  • Pro activity – Acts without being told what to do. Brings new ideas to colleagues and BootsnAll.
  • Open to criticism and ideas – often solicits feedback and reacts calmly to criticism or negative feedback.
  • Attention to detail – Does not let important details derail a project.
  • Efficiency – able to produce significant output with minimal wasted effort.

BootsnAll uses the following values as a filter for all decisions we make, including hiring new colleagues.

Love learning
Embrace change
Passion for work and play
Makes meaningful connections

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