Road Trips: This Week on BootsnAll

What, we ask you, screams summer vacation more than a road trip?

Now, we admit that we’re predisposed to think of road trips as American – but no matter where the concept of a road trip came from, it’s applicable to places all over the globe today. I’ve spent time scouring a map of northern Scotland for the smallest (and windiest) road between two points while exploring the whisky trail, staring out the bus window at the stunningly green landscape (and trying to – quite literally – count sheep) in New Zealand, and marveling at the incongruity of terrain that looked like Oregon (only with way more ostriches) en route from Cape Town to Wilderness in South Africa. The only requirements of a great road trip are roads, a car, and time.

>> This week on BootsnAll you’ll read about how you can have foreign culture experiences without leaving the country, and how a road trip through the U.S. gets you to the heart of so many elements of indie travel.

Week 19 of the Indie Travel Challenge 2012 is all about road trips.

While the United States may have some of the best excuses for long drives, we’re happy to go on a road trip anywhere that has a selection of bizarre roadside attractions to keep us intrigued and a steady supply of good take-along snacks. We just love the slower pace of road trips, no matter where we are. Seeing life from a moving car gives us more time to reflect on the passage of miles, and it has the added perk of allowing us to stop whenever we feel like it to survey the view or check out the world’s largest ball of twine.

For week 19 of the Indie Travel Challenge, we’d like you to design the perfect road trip. Take into account the following questions: Who’s with you in the car? (And no, it doesn’t have to be someone you know.) What kind of car are you driving? What snacks are in the cooler? What music is playing? And, most importantly, where are you?

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photo by Patxi Izkue

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