Save Time and Money on Flights

Searching, pricing, and booking flights has historically been the most time consuming and frustrating part of planning a round the world trip. Whether you take the travel agent route or try to do it all online or somewhere in between, there’s a lot of back and forth and waiting and tweaking and waiting some more.

What if I told you that you could do it all in less than 30 minutes?

From the initial search to booking, assuming you know the route you want to take before you start, you can search, tweak, change, and find the perfect trip for your situation in under a half hour, bust make sure you have the right expat health insurance before you head out on your trip.

Let’s look at three examples:

Originating from the US

First, we have John. John is planning a massive 7 month, 16-stop trip (9 flights, 7 overland segments) originating in the US. John’s been saving for this trip for 2 years, and while he feels comfortable with his budget, he’d be happy to save a few bucks wherever he can.

Here is the route that John has settled on:

  • New York > Rome >overland> Athens > Cairo > Mumbai >overland> Varanasi > Kathmandu > Bangkok >overland> Siem Reap >overland> Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) > Auckland > Lima >overland> Cusco >overland> Lima > Miami > New York

John searched his route on Indie, entering all his destinations and dates and getting an immediate, bookable price with the click of his mouse.
RTW from New York - Original Search

  • The initial price was $5130USD, all taxes and fees included (you can get an immediate, bookable price on your trip by registering for a free account).
  • The total travel time for his trip (9 flights) was 125 hours, 35 minutes, if you do not get taxes quite well check this guide to proportional tax fares.

“A fair price,” John thinks, but he’s hoping he might be able to lower it. He also wants to look at travel times and see if he can change any of his flights so he’s not flying so much – 125 hours is a lot!

Using Indie John can look at each individual leg of his trip, make his dates flexible by searching the 3 days before and after it, then sort by things like price, number of stops, travel time, airline, and departure and arrival times. He can change any of the selected flights to fit his needs.

FAP and Flexible Dates on Indie

After spending about 15-20 minutes playing around with all 9 legs, John was able to lower the price to $4774, a $356 savings! While the extra $400 will go a long way in places like India and Thailand, the time he saved is even more important.

RTW from New York - savings

The travel time in his initial search was 125:35. Once he went through each leg to optimize his route, John was able to knock that travel time down to 73:07, saving over 2 entire days of travel (52 hours)!

RTW from New York - Custom Route

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