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One hurdle that holds many people back from taking long-term trips is not having a travel partner or companion. But one quick conversation with someone who has been traveling alone reveals an unmatched enthusiasm for this style of travel. They preach the benefits of traveling alone, and many of them claim that solo travel actually ruins any other type of travel for them.

We have been focusing on solo travel on BootsnAll this week, which was also the topic of discussion on our weekly #RTWChat on Twitter.

Read the recap below to see some tips and advice from solo travels around the world.

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22 August 2013

I missed out on answering Q10 because my workday was over and I do not spend time at work unless I am being paid.

My favorite solo experience? Just about all of it. But if I had to pick one, it sure is pretty damn awesome if you are in Las Vegas and you win $600 and there is no one there saying “I guess dinner is on you!” even though they did nothing to contribute to the $600 you lost before this new $600 brought you back to even.

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