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Travels in Asia: This Week on BootsnAll
Travels in Asia: This Week on BootsnAll It’s the worlds most populous continent and covers 30% of the world’s land area. Yet fewer than 20% of American leisure travelers visit Asia each year. Surely the high cost and longer travel time keeps some people away, but a trip over the Pacific is well worth the time, and depending on where you go, you may find it significantly cheaper to visit Asia than Europe. And with the incredible diversity found on the continent, you can take your pick from modern cities, beaches, mountains, deserts, small villages, and lush jungles, or go in search of history, art, fashion, or food. This week, we’re learning more about destinations in Asia. We’ll start with a look at why Burma may be the next big backpacker spot in Southeast Asia, and then find out the many reasons to visit Mongolia. And we’ll make the case for Asia as the best destination for backpackers, beating out Europe and South America. Week five of theĀ Indie Travel ChallengeĀ 2012 is also about traveling in Asia. From the ancient cities of China to the vast open countryside of Mongolia, from the crowded streets of Bangkok to remote islands in Indonesia, and from the modern metropolis of Tokyo to the rice paddies of Laos, the countries and cities of Asia come in every variety imaginable. And just as […]