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Getting Down & Dirty with Sean Keener – CEO of BootsnAll
We asked CEO and co-founder of BootsnAll, Sean Keener, a little bit about himself.   Come meet the man behind the plan to get you on your own RTW trip. 1. When did you first start traveling? Where have you been so far? With Ma and Pa, not sure what year it was.  My 1st Long-term travel experience was in 1994.  As for where have I been, I don’t keep track.   I have NOT been to South America though. 2. What is one country, city, or place you’ve always wanted to see but haven’t had the chance to yet? Chile.  It’s like California 100 years ago, except modern. 3. What do you do when you aren’t being “Sean-CEO of a BootsnAll?  How do you like to spend your off time? To me, it’s about work-life integration, there is no such thing as work-life balance.  BootsnAll’s cause, A GAP year and/or RTW Trip on every resume is what drives me as it makes the world world a better place for your kids and friends and mine. My time off, I like to “not plan” and go with the flow and energy of that day.  Some things that I keep coming back to are: Yoga SUP in the Gorge Mountain Bike Trail run/hike (tree bathing) Be outside, and with people that care […]
How to Join our weekly #RTWChat
How to Join our weekly #RTWChat #RTWChat ( ‘Round-the-World Chat ) is our weekly Twitter chat that focuses on all aspects of long-term, around the world travel.   We bring together seasoned, new, and soon-to-be travelers from across the world to talk about different RTW travel topics.  From destinations, to long-term travel tips, to how to start planning a long-term trip, and becoming location independent – we discuss it all!