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What is ‘Adapting over Micromanaging’ and Why is it Important?
“The best part of travel is the journey” “Go with the flow” Sayings like these reinforce that travel is unpredictable and we have to learn to let go and adapt to situations rather than micromanage them.  But why?   Today on the 2015 Indie Travel Challenge Dani admits: “I am totally bipolar when it comes to this travel value. Somedays I have zero problem when I’m vaguely told, “You should meet my friend at the metro stop”, then waiting at said stop until some kid asks, “Dani?” and I end up in a car with a bunch of strangers I can’t communicate with, to go somewhere, with some people, to do something.   A situation that would put most people on high alert I have no problem ‘going with the flow’ on.   (I ended up somewhere in or around Medellin at a band’s rehearsal). Other times the 8-seat restaurant that I like is full for breakfast and I feel myself on the verge of a full blown temper tantrum. It’s when I have my mind set on something, or have an idea of how I think things should go that if things change, I freak out.  I have no problem with transportation delays, or large scale things because I prep myself by expecting everything to go awry.  I’ve learned that […]
What is something you’ve learned from traveling?
Today for the 2015 Indie Travel Challenge we asked a bunch of seasoned travelers to tell us 1 thing they have learned from traveling.   From silly to serious here is what fellow travelers have learned from traveling:     “I learned the hard way that, if you are prone to getting carsick yet sometimes travel via chicken bus, sit in the front.” – Jen Miner, The Vacation Gals “Skip your Lonely Planet—talk to bartenders and taxi drivers. Your guidebooks don’t know the best places to go. Bartenders and taxi drivers have their ear to the ground and always know what’s happening around town. Talk to them about where to go or what to see, and you can trust that you’re being given good advice.”   – Jeremy Scott Foster, travelFREAK “Travel has thought me that people are much quicker to open up to you if you show that you’re open to connecting with them. Just smiling at someone can ignite a conversation or turn the most grumpy salesman in a friendly chap.” – Sofie Couwenbergh,  Wonderful Wanderings  “I’ve learned that the level of customer service varies from country to country and city to city. What one is accustomed to back home can be very different (both good and bad) from what you experience when travelling so you just have to […]
Favourite Travel Photos
Today on the Indie Travel Challenge we are asking you to share your 5 favourite travel photos that you’ve taken, or that inspire you.  So we decided to ask our co-workers to share their favourite travel photos with you.     Cristina – Traveler Consultant for Indie and Airtreks.         From our General Manager Riel:       From Marin, our Corporate Account Flight Specialist / Granter of Travel Wishes       Kristina, our Traveler Support Specialist and Airtreks & Indie shared these photos:       Our Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Andreea, shared these beautiful images from her travels:       From Anthy, one of our awesome Travel Consultants:       Grace, one of our Travel Ambassadors shared these photos from her trip to Nepal:   .   Sara, our Director of Sales, Support, and Operations for Airtreks shows off her photos: Lychees for sale on the street in Bangkok. Ready to go back any time!       Jenn, long-time BootsnAll contributor and now our editor sent these photos to share:       Lastly, Dani, who runs our Social Media sent us this photo from her trip last year to Kenya:   We hope these help inspire you and give you a look into the wonderful people who work to help you make your dream around-the-world trip […]
This Week on BootsnAll: Australia & Overweight Travel
This week on BootsnAll we talked all things Australia: from working holidays, to dangers, to long walks. We also tackled the sometimes difficult topic of body image and travel. Have a read: Dangerous Destinations: Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Eileen Cotter Wright tackles the dangers, on land and sea, in Queensland, on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, and around Cairns. She talks about the wildlife risks and how to stay safe, from stinger suits to minding the danger signs posted on beaches. “If you’re camping on the coast, or even out for a day’s adventure, pay attention to the signs posted for the presence of crocodiles. Much of the coast of Queensland is home to crocs and they are a very real, and present, danger. The signs are there for a reason. Stay out of the water, and away from the edge.” Read Dangerous Destinations: Australia’s Great Barrier Reef 9 Picturesque Locations for a Working Holiday in Australia If you’re looking for a place to live and work in Australia, Zoe Smith has nine ideas of places to learn and experience the real Australia. From working as a ranch hand to picking fruit seasonally in the Barossa Valley, there’s something for everyone. I dare you not to be inspired by the possibilities! “As an alternative to laborious farm work, search for work […]
The Man. The Myth. The Legend. – Meet Adam Seper
  Adam Seper is our former editor, now travel consultant, and an all around awesome guy!  Come meet the man who now helps you get the best deals on your around-the-world tickets.
Getting Down & Dirty with Sean Keener – CEO of BootsnAll
We asked CEO and co-founder of BootsnAll, Sean Keener, a little bit about himself.   Come meet the man behind the plan to get you on your own RTW trip. 1. When did you first start traveling? Where have you been so far? With Ma and Pa, not sure what year it was.  My 1st Long-term travel experience was in 1994.  As for where have I been, I don’t keep track.   I have NOT been to South America though. 2. What is one country, city, or place you’ve always wanted to see but haven’t had the chance to yet? Chile.  It’s like California 100 years ago, except modern. 3. What do you do when you aren’t being “Sean-CEO of a BootsnAll?  How do you like to spend your off time? To me, it’s about work-life integration, there is no such thing as work-life balance.  BootsnAll’s cause, A GAP year and/or RTW Trip on every resume is what drives me as it makes the world world a better place for your kids and friends and mine. My time off, I like to “not plan” and go with the flow and energy of that day.  Some things that I keep coming back to are: Yoga SUP in the Gorge Mountain Bike Trail run/hike (tree bathing) Be outside, and with people that care […]
How to Join our weekly #RTWChat
How to Join our weekly #RTWChat #RTWChat ( ‘Round-the-World Chat ) is our weekly Twitter chat that focuses on all aspects of long-term, around the world travel.   We bring together seasoned, new, and soon-to-be travelers from across the world to talk about different RTW travel topics.  From destinations, to long-term travel tips, to how to start planning a long-term trip, and becoming location independent – we discuss it all!