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Introducing the 2nd Round of BootsnAll Travel Writers!
Introducing the 2nd Round of BootsnAll Travel Writers! About seven months ago, we launched the BootsnAll Writer Platform, and introduced five new writers in May. After launching a search for more writers again in August, we’re excited to once again introduce you to the latest BootsnAll travel writers! Catherine Bodry: WhyGo Thailand Catherine Bodry is our Thailand expert. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, she’s visited several dozen countries, can book a hotel room in several languages, and has two chickens. Her work has been published by Lonely Planet, Fodor’s, AOL, MSN, and Trail Runner Magazine. You can find Catherine in the following places: WhyGo Thailand travel guide WhyGo Thailand on Twitter WhyGo Thailand RSS feed Julie Ovenell-Carter: WhyGo Canada Our Canada expert is Julie Ovenell-Carter, a wanderlusty Canuck with good boots, good sense, and a good way with words — your go-to gal for Canadian travel tips. You can find Julie in the following places: WhyGo Canada travel guide WhyGo Canada on Twitter WhyGo Canada RSS feed Melanie Waldman: WhyGo London Our London expert, Melanie Waldman, has been in love with vibrant, exciting London since childhood. Since her first vist in 1985 (the debut of Eastenders and Live Aid, and the end of Margaret Thatcher), she’s seen London grow into an art, design, financial, entertainment and culinary center — and as far as she’s concerned, the greatest city […]