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Travel Betters You Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually
When traveling, as well as in life in general, it is important to take care of mind, body and soul.   Feeding your spiritual side with new experiences and feeding your brain with mental activity are just as important in your RTW trip as getting outside and being physically active.  We need all 3 as humans to function well and grow so today on the 2015 Indie Travel Challenge we asked you to get outside and do something new. Dani tells us about a time she rode ATVs in the woods of Mattawa in Northern Ontario. “In 2012 I got the opportunity to go ATV riding in Northern Ontario.  I was psyched as I’m pretty into anything that can pump my adrenaline, I love driving, and this was something new. What I never expected was how physical it would be. Turns out driving ATVs is not like driving a car.  It’s harder. It’s super fun, but controlling ATVs takes muscles, especially as you are going through miles and miles of winding trails in the woods.  Even on the smoother parts, the ATV constantly vibrates, and each little rut makes the wheels want to turn off the tracks. Also, on top of the surprising physicality of it, it takes a lot of mental stamina.  This was my first time, so akin to […]