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Difficult Travel Moments: This Week on BootsnAll
Difficult Travel Moments: This Week on BootsnAll Travel is, most of us would likely agree, life-changing in the most positive ways. It’s about exceptional experiences we can’t have if we don’t get out of our familiar surroundings, people we would never meet if we stayed home, and memories we’ll treasure for the rest of our lives. But not everything about travel is easy. In fact, we believe most travelers would agree that often the most meaningful moments come from challenges we encounter along the way – even if we only realize that in retrospect. This week on BootsnAll, you’ll read about Eastern European mountains that even inexperienced hikers can climb, getting comfortable with Japanese culture, conquering a fear of the dark to see a whole other world, and letting a travel dream throw your life plans for a loop. Week 20 of the Indie Travel Challenge¬†2012 is all about travel’s difficult moments. We can all point to difficult moments during our travels, things we weren’t prepared to see, smell, or taste – but real learning isn’t just about knowing you don’t like haggis because you inadvertently ate some in Scotland. We can learn valuable lessons from uncomfortable travel situations, lessons that will stick with us long after we’ve returned home. For week 20 of the Indie Travel Challenge, we’d like you to talk about something you saw […]