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500-years of History in Cartagena, Colors and Colorism in Colombia, 10 Gear Items You Need For Camping Trips, and 5 Surprising Things About Antarctica
For our U.S. readers, next week’s Thanksgiving already (for Canadian folks, the holiday’s already come and gone), and soon-to-be December, and with it the holiday rush. Why not put off any shopping you’re considering, and read about travel and far-off places, instead? This week on BootsnAll we’re talking about Colombia, Antarctica, and camping gear. Matt Milloway shares his experience touring the historic city center of Cartagena, Colombia, guest writer Gloria Atanmo from The Blog Abroad reflects on how skin color affected how she was treated on her last trip in Colors and Colorism in Colombia, Aimee Maxwell gives her best advice on what camping gear you really need to be comfortable on your next trip, and Lynda Joy Smith shares some surprising facts about Antarctica- it’s not just about the icebergs. 500 Years of History in Cartagena Freelance writer and traveler, Matt Milloway travels to the northern coast of Colombia, and spends a day immersed in the history (and humidity) of Cartagena’s colorful streets. “My taxi driver bravely weaved through the midday traffic as I strained to catch a glimpse of Cartagena, Colombia‘s Old Town. I was eager to see the city that Gabriel García Márquez vividly portrayed in Love in the Time of Cholera—one of narrow cobblestoned streets, three-story colonial-era homes, and a flair for the unpredictable. We’d been […]
The World’s Most Dangerous Destinations, Why You Should Ignore What You’ve Heard & Go to Colombia, 10 Weird Foods from Around the World, and 12 of the World’s Most Active Volcanoes
Thrilling, life-changing and ….dangerous? Like everything else in life, travel comes with its own particular set of risks, and yes, even dangers.  From hiking a volcano, to sampling foods that scare your stomach into submission, to leaving your preconceived notions behind to explore a new place, there’s a certain excitement to exploring destinations that some travelers write-off as extreme. This week at Bootsnall, Zöe Smith weighs in on 10 of the most dangerous destinations around the world, and which places may be worth the risk to visit. On the fence about the safety and appeal of travel in Colombia?Adam Seper shares the story of how he overcame his misgivings to fall in love with the country on his travels, and why you should, too.  Do you consider yourself an open-minded foodie? Victoria Brewood has a list of delicacies from the around the world, that you may want to try (sometimes at your peril).  Finally, we rounded out the week with Cristina Puscas’ guide to 12 of the most active volcanoes worldwide, including information about how to get close, and which ones you can legally climb.  10 of the World’s Most Dangerous Destinations(& Which Ones Are Worth the Risk) From ravaged war zones to narco-trafficking hotbeds, these 10 countries are a selection of those that pose the most danger to travelers. […]