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Easy Steps to Save for Travel, Arenal Costa Rica Where the Volcano Blows, 6 Offbeat Experiences in NYC and Wine Regions in New Zealand
We hope the first week of October is treating you well! It’s officially Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere (since September 22nd) and this week we’re featuring tips for saving for travel from Nikki Vargas of Pin the Map Project, Deborah McHague’s travelogue of surprisingly relaxing time spent near an active volcano in Arenal, Costa Rica, a handy list of alternative activities to try the next time you’re in NYC from Eno Edet of New York City Tours and Safaris, and last but not least, a guide to New Zealand’s wine regions from Whitney Cox. Read on for more. 3 Easy Steps to Save Money for Travel Travel writer (and reformed spender) Nikki Vargas from The Pin The Map Project shares her best tips on saving money for long-term travel, even if you live in an expensive city like NYC where temptation (in the form of purchases large and small) is around every corner. “If I had to give a name to my financial nemesis, that name would be Duane Reade–-that chain of easily accessible convenient stores located on every other corner of New York City. Each time I step into a Duane Reade, currency takes on a different meaning, since $5 spent on an impulsive purchase isn’t nearly as impractical as buying that $50 shirt I was coveting.” Arenal Costa […]