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Options Over Possessions
For day 2 of the 2015 Indie Travel Challenge we’re asking you:   Options Over Possessions is one of the values we list on our Indie Manifesto.   We fully believe that options & experiences will teach you, be with you, and fulfill you much longer than ‘stuff’.   Dave Campbell, our Marketing Manager perfectly sums up why options and experiences are more valuable than possessions: “I believe a memory is invaluable and fulfilling while something you can purchase is not and can never be.  Show me two people who were given $2000 – one spent it travelling and one spent it on anything else- and I guarantee I can tell the difference.  A new television or car will not change your perspective on your life, nor will it give you an understanding or appreciation of the world around you.  When I think back on my life, it won’t be about the over-expensive suit I bought for a wedding in Mexico, but the amazing empanadas I ate on the beach or the snorkeling I did during my trip.  I wore the suit, but it is what I experienced while wearing the suit that made me more fulfilled.” Have you ever bought something, later to wish you had spent that money on DOING something instead?  Tell us about the best time […]