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Family Travel: This Week on BootsnAll
Family Travel: This Week on BootsnAll As the founders and staff at BootsnAll have grown up over the years, so have our ideas about indie travel. Back in 1998, for instance, a young and single Sean Keener wasn’t thinking about how having kids someday might impact his travel plans. These days, he’s acutely aware of how many people think their traveling days are over once they reproduce – and he hasn’t let that stop him and his growing family from still hitting the road. In fact, they just got back from spending 4.5 months in New Zealand, and Sean’s son’s first trip was to New York at the ripe age of six weeks. We’ve recently featured a couple of stories (here and here) by kick-ass traveling families who are forcing people to re-think their assumptions about traveling with kids, and we’re expanding the theme a bit this week. You’ll read about why it’s important to raise kids with indie travel in mind. You’ll read excellent tips to make traveling with kids easier, which should leave you with pretty much no excuses not to get your family on the road. And in case you need more inspiration to not put off your trip any longer, you’ll also read about how to go from dreaming to traveling in just four weeks. Week 18 of the Indie Travel Challenge¬†2012 […]
This Week on BootsnAll: Grab the Kids and Hit the Road!
This Week on BootsnAll: Grab the Kids and Hit the Road! Happy 4th of July! If your family is anything like mine was, the 4th of July meant piling in the family’s wood-paneled station wagon and heading “up north” to a cabin in Michigan or driving a few hours to explore the more southern states. It was all about the road trip for us back then, just as it is for many families today. But if you’re anxious to take your family vacation beyond the road trip, stay tuned this week for great tips, advice and inspiration for planning an epic adventure with your kids. Tomorrow, we’ll give new parents the scoop on traveling with an infant, including what to buy and pack, tips for scoring the best seat on the plane, and how to get around with a baby in tow. On Wednesday, Adam Seper talks to families who have taken their kids on a round the world trip and explains the benefits of a nomadic life with children. If you’re dreams aren’t as grand as an RTW, stop by Thursday to get tips on how to make any family vacation easier and more fun, and on Friday, satisfy your sweet tooth with a look at great destinations for chocolate lovers of all ages. For more on family travel, read: 5 New Ideas for Places to Take the Kids Literary […]