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Southern Africa, Celebrating the Solstice, Cycling Central America, and Challenging Cultural Norms
This week on Bootsnall we’re all about big time adventures! From 9 of the best in Southern Africa, to cycling through Central America and where to see the midnight sun, you’re sure to find inspiration to fuel your dreams. Here’s what you may have missed: 9 Amazing Adventures in Southern Africa White water rafting the Zambizi river anyone? How ’bout an elephant safari in Botswana? Penguins in South Africa, or pony trekking in Lesotho? Adventure in Africa is about so much more than just safaris and big game. Check it out: “Southern Africa is so much more than the country named for the region. While South Africa is a great place to get started, there are adventures to be had across the entire continent south of the Sahara. Whether you’re interested in culture, outdoor adventure, safaris or urban exploration, you’ll find it.” 5 Places to Experience the Midnight Sun This week marked the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, and the day where, north of the Arctic Circle, the sun never goes down, it just does a big lap around the sky. The solstice has been celebrated across cultures for time immemorial, but only in the era of air travel have we been able to hop north for a quick look at the midnight sun for the holiday. […]
This Week on Bootsnall: Travel Lessons, Sponsorship, Walking & Connecting with Locals
This has been an exciting week on Bootsnall. We dug into the inner journey and the lessons that travel teaches and thought through some of the ways that we can connect with locals as we travel to deep those lessons. We also heard some great ideas for ways to get your journey sponsored, both corporately and by individuals, from a team of guys who got half of their epic adventure paid for by sponsorships! Awesome! Finally, for the ultimate in slow travel: Walking. Did you know there are people who walk across whole countries? Yep. Honoring the Lessons Travel Teaches If you’re traveling, you’re learning, I promise you that. Not all of the lessons are obvious in the moment. Sometimes they take days, weeks, even months, or years to tease apart. But how do we take the lessons we learn on the road and honor them in our “regular lives” when we return? Great question. There isn’t one answer, but.. “It’s not a question of whether or not travel changes us, it’s a question of how we honor those lessons in our daily lives, whether we ever return home in the physical sense, or not. If we don’t honor them, then what’s the point of traveling in the first place?” 10 Tips for Getting Sponsorships Many travelers have dreams of […]
This Week on BootsnAll: Australia & Overweight Travel
This week on BootsnAll we talked all things Australia: from working holidays, to dangers, to long walks. We also tackled the sometimes difficult topic of body image and travel. Have a read: Dangerous Destinations: Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Eileen Cotter Wright tackles the dangers, on land and sea, in Queensland, on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, and around Cairns. She talks about the wildlife risks and how to stay safe, from stinger suits to minding the danger signs posted on beaches. “If you’re camping on the coast, or even out for a day’s adventure, pay attention to the signs posted for the presence of crocodiles. Much of the coast of Queensland is home to crocs and they are a very real, and present, danger. The signs are there for a reason. Stay out of the water, and away from the edge.” Read Dangerous Destinations: Australia’s Great Barrier Reef 9 Picturesque Locations for a Working Holiday in Australia If you’re looking for a place to live and work in Australia, Zoe Smith has nine ideas of places to learn and experience the real Australia. From working as a ranch hand to picking fruit seasonally in the Barossa Valley, there’s something for everyone. I dare you not to be inspired by the possibilities! “As an alternative to laborious farm work, search for work […]
How to Join our weekly #RTWChat
How to Join our weekly #RTWChat #RTWChat ( ‘Round-the-World Chat ) is our weekly Twitter chat that focuses on all aspects of long-term, around the world travel.   We bring together seasoned, new, and soon-to-be travelers from across the world to talk about different RTW travel topics.  From destinations, to long-term travel tips, to how to start planning a long-term trip, and becoming location independent – we discuss it all!
What Would Make Air Travel Better?
What Would Make Air Travel Better? Ever since humans learned to walk , they also aimed for something greater, and the dream of flight was born. Probably the most well-known story is that of Icarus, who attempted to escape from Crete, Greece by flying with the use of wings made of feathers and wax. But he flew too close to the Sun, and the wax melted, causing him to fall into the sea and drown. Long gone are the days of early aviation when flying was expensive, there were limited routes available, and smoking on the planes was a no-brainer. Not to mention that passing through security check and getting on the plane was fast, easy, and almost resembled preparing to board a train. Today, we go to airports three hours before the flight, carefully pack our carry-ons so that they don’t exceed the weight limit or contain “prohibited” items, and if we are lucky, we don’t get patted down, too. On the other hand, the no-frill airlines made flying available to the masses – with the good and the bad parts resulting from this – and there are so many routes available that circling the globe in a plane can be easily done by anyone with some money saved. But there are also the canceled and delayed flights, missing luggage, airlines going bankrupt, and security […]
Have you ever traveled to watch the Olympics?
Have you ever traveled to watch the Olympics? The first ancient Olympic Games can be traced back to 776BC and they were dedicated to the Olympian Gods in Ancient Greece. The games took place on the plains of Olympia and were strongly linked to the religious festival dedicated to Zeus. Aside from showing the physical capabilities of the young people, the Olympic Games also encouraged good relations between the cities of Greece. In fact, all hostilities stopped during the games. A lot has changed since the ancient Olympic Games. They started as a one–day event, but in the 5th century BC they were extended to cover five days. In those times, women were not allowed to participate (not even to watch the games) and if they were caught in the audience the punishment was to throw them off the cliff. After the Greek War of Independence, there was increased interest in reviving the Olympic Games. And it happened in 1896 when the first Games held under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee were hosted in the Panathenaic stadium in Athens. Changes marked the Games over the years and nowadays it’s an event which attracts a lot of visitors. This year, the Summer Olympic Games take place in London. Have you ever been to the Olympics? Is traveling to watch the Olympics on your wishlist? Why? Why not? […]
What do you splurge on when you travel?
What do you splurge on when you travel? As a rule, I am a budget traveler. In some cases, you could easily call me a cheap traveler — although when I hostel I usually get a private room. And yes, there’s a difference between cheap travel and budget travel. However,  when it comes to finding something to eat, you won’t usually catch me in restaurants. I’m in the markets, at the store or somewhere else where there’s good, cheap food. My travel plans are always filled with a list of free things to do in every city I visit. And then come the rare splurges. They don’t need to be huge to put a smile on my face. In London, I felt like going on the London Eye was a major splurge, but it was one of the highlights of the trip. In Bucharest, after 10 hours on the train, I paid €35 for a hotel room with TV, ensuite bathroom and internet in the lobby, despite the fact that I was already contemplating a night in a hostel. Whether we’re on a short vacation or traveling for months, it feels nice to break up the routine and splurge on something. For some, it may be a private room in a hostel, for others, it might as well be a 5-star hotel room with a view, while others […]
What’s Your Expat City?
What’s Your Expat City? There comes a time while traveling, that spending a week or two here and there just doesn’t cut it anymore. You want to connect with the locals and the culture, but being so temporary doesn’t always allow for that. And then comes the idea to move to the city you’ve just fallen in love with and become an expat. Until you want to move on… or live forever in the city you love. Becoming an expat in a new country is the best way to get to know the country from a local’s perspective. Choosing a country and city to move to is all about your own personal likes and dislikes. Maybe you’ve studied French in high school and want to sample how it feels to live in Paris for a while. Or maybe Italian has always been your love and Milan might just do the trick. Or maybe you had no plans of staying, but something about the city just felt like home. Have you ever been an expat? Where and what made you choose that city? If not, what city would you want to be an expat in? After my latest two week trip to Southern Europe, I’m considering living in Athens for a while. I don’t speak much Greek (I probably know about 25 words) but when I […]
The Traveler that Went Back… in Time
The Traveler that Went Back… in Time A while ago, I saw the movie “The Time Traveler’s Wife” and it didn’t take long for me to look for the book, too (written by Audrey Niffenegger). But although I’ve never been much of a science-fiction enthusiast, there is something about time traveling that makes me dream with my eyes open. I remember visiting Sighisoara (Romania) back in 2000 and asked myself how it would have been to visit the city during the 1430s when Vlad the Impaler lived there. Then, this year in Athens, I was wondering how the Ancient Agora would have looked and felt when the great minds of antiquity walked the streets. I would certainly want to use a time machine to travel to either place [and many others]. If you could go back in time to any point, where & when would you want to ‘travel’ to? Is there a place that has always fascinated you that you would like to see how it looked and felt back in time? » This week on BootsnAll: Articles you’ll read this week include a look at the unforgettable characters from around the world, remembering the people we meet while traveling, as well as information on how to find cheap accommodation alternative during the London Olympics and about free walking tours during the Olympics, for those who […]
What Is Your Budget Travel Tip for Someone Planning a Vacation in the States?
What Is Your Budget Travel Tip for Someone Planning a Vacation in the States? Finding indie travel opportunities doesn’t mean we need to cross a border or fly to another continent. There are endless possibilities in our own back yard. We just need to look carefully. When was the last time you took a train ride just for the joy of seeing the scenery roll by? How about packing your camping gear and spending some time in nature, relaxing and forgetting about your daily routine? Traveling to and within the States can be an expensive affair, but there are always ways to cut back costs. If you are from the USA, what is your budget travel tip for someone planning an American adventure? As for those planning a vacation to the States, a quick look at the map can make planning seem like a daunting task — so many places to see and things to experience. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of visiting New York with its famous Times Square, Central Park and Statue of Liberty. Or maybe you want to take a road trip on Route 66 or Highway 101 along the west coast. Perhaps you always wanted to hike the Grand Canyon.. » This week on BootsnAll: Articles you’ll read this week include Why We Decided to Road Trip Across Europe in a Self-Built Campervan , a guide to visiting the Mayan Ruins […]