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What dishes have you learned to cook abroad?
Living on a budget can mean cooking your own food.  As we travel we all come up with some creative ways to eat and learn some amazing new cuisine.   So for Day 24 of the 2015 Indie Travel Challenge we’re asking:  Cristina shares her answer to today’s question. “For the past 16 years I’ve been eating mostly vegetarian, with some seafood added here in there. The Mediterranean diet fits me like a glove and I keep falling in love with dishes every time I visit Greece or Italy. Fassolatha is a hearty Greek white beans soup which I learned to make while I was travelling to Greek in March 2012. A Greek friend of mine shared the secrets of how cook it to perfection. The base is made of carrots and celery, which you need to slowly cook in olive oil until a lovely scent fills your kitchen. The beans would have stayed overnight in water and you’ve already boiled them for half our before throwing them in the pot with the veggies. Add some basil and oregon, water to cover the beans and let them boil another half hour. Now grate a tomato on top (or add 2 TBSP of canned tomatoes) and let it boil for another 10 min or until the beans are cooked. Serve with bread […]
How Has Food Connected You To a Destination During Your Travels?
How Has Food Connected You To a Destination During Your Travels? Food is an important part of our travels and helps us understand the culture of the place we visit. Sure, it’s “just” a way to fill our hungry bellies, but when you stop at a street cart and taste what’s on offer, you also get to know the people who eat it regularly. I remember the smile of the old man who sold pretzels in Athens, on a rainy Sunday. I thanked him in Greek. Then I realized I just tasted the best pretzels. Ever. It didn’t matter it was pouring rain an we were cold and tired . We paid just 80 euro-cents for our meal on the go and it was amazing. Food has a way to connect us to the places we visit. You may remember only a hint of smell which takes you back exactly to that hidden alley where you tasted something special. Even if the result was sometimes a belly ache. How has food connected you to a destination during your travels? Tell us your story. What was the weirdest food you tried? What was the tastiest you tried? » This week on BootsnAll: Articles you’ll read this week include a detailed guide about Pho, the Vietnamese noodle soup , information about adding dangerous destinations to your RTW trip and best live like a […]
This Week on BootsnAll: Let’s Talk Food
This Week on BootsnAll: Let’s Talk Food It’s Thanksgiving week, and while this time of year always has us thinking back on what we’re thankful for, it’s also a time of year when food – and the gatherings and celebrations that happen around it – seems to take center stage. So this week we’re leading up to the big turkey feast with some foodie finds to get your stomachs rumbling. First up we’ll take a visual tour of some of Istanbul’s best street food and local delights, then we’ll reveal some strange – and sometimes unappetizing – dessert concoctions that are surprisingly delicious. We’ll revisit our calendar of tasty local treats you should try in season around the world, and cap off the week with more desserts you should seek out while traveling. Hungry for more now? Here’s an appetizer to start you off! 12 Mouth-Watering Vegetarian Dishes Worth Traveling For 8 of the Best American Small Towns for Foodies  Unusual Snack Foods From Around the World  Four Foodie Road Trips in the US 67 Memorable Meals from 23 Countries  Photo by clairity
67 Memorable Meals from 23 Countries #indie30
67 Memorable Meals from 23 Countries #indie30 This is part of BootsnAll’s 30 Days of Indie Travel project, a daily blogging challenge with a prompt for every day in November 2011. Check out the prompt at the bottom of this post to find out how you can participate! “If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home.” –James A. Michener Trying new food is one of my favorite things about traveling. It’s incredibly exciting to me to try something new, or something familiar with a different spin. I’m also a Pescatarian, so I’ve found that food + traveling brings both challenging and amazing experiences. While I’ve never felt like too much of an outsider on the food scene, I love the mix of traveling and food and seeing how some cultures value and use different ingredients. Thankfully, I’m not gluten-intolerant or allergic to any foods, so while I consider myself a Pescatarian and was raised vegetarian, I sometimes [to the confusing shock of my travel companions] like to try random dishes that are new to me… like deep fried tarantulas in Cambodia or bacon-wrapped dates here in Portland at Toro Bravo (neither of those I’ll probably be having again). While my main diet is Pescatarian, you only live once, so what’s the worst that could […]