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Trains, Planes, and Automobiles: Which to Take and Why?
Trains, Planes, and Automobiles: Which to Take and Why? As you ponder your next adventure, how to get there (and around once you’re there) is likely in the forefront of your mind. In this day and age, transportation has no doubt become an invaluable commodity to the common man. This applies particularly to those of us that have, and ultimately have given into, wanderlust. Modern advances in transportation have allowed world travelers to explore the vast reaches of the globe. The question is, which one, the train, the plane, or the automobile, does so with the most efficiency? The answer relies largely on personal preferences and limitations like budget and destination, as well as on smaller aspects like convenience and comfort level. In this article, I list the pros and cons of each mode of transportation and make recommendations for some common travel situations. The train Believe it or not, train travel has become quite popular in recent years. As gas prices continue to rise, travelers have begun to consider alternate forms of transportation. Traveling by train certainly has its merits. Trains are fast, direct, and often connect a country’s major cities. Japan’s bullet train system, for example, is highly efficient and expands over several Japanese cities. Train travelers can be completely at ease. You don’t have to maneuver through streets, get directions, or suffer through traffic! Train travel […]