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Travels in Italy: This Week on BootsnAll
Travels in Italy: This Week on BootsnAll Who among us can resist the allure of Italy? Whether you’ve been there before or it’s still on your must-see list, Italy still calls to travelers, just as it has for millennia. Considering the number of world-famous attractions and destinations contained within its borders, Italy has certainly earned its spot near the top of the most-visited countries list. The small size of the country itself only serves to make it more appealing – all those awesome things to see, do, and eat in such a small package! This week on Bootsnall, Italy will be featured in a few of our articles – including eating your way through Italy, hints about going wine tasting in Italy on a budget and how to visit Italy and the rest of Europe on a RTW trip without breaking the bank. Week 9 of the Indie Travel Challenge¬†2012 is all about la bella Italia. There’s plenty for travelers to love in Italy, but it can definitely be more challenging to get off the proverbial beaten path – it’s popular, remember, so you’re not going to be the only person visiting. This doesn’t mean it’s not possible to have an indie travel experience in Italy – far from it – it just means you might have to work a little harder to do so. And that’s […]