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Edinburgh Fringe, Learning As You Travel, Hitchhiking Africa, and Independent Travel in Madagascar
This month we’re on to Africa and focusing on education as we travel. This week we’ve focused on Southern Africa and Madagascar with emphasis on independent travel and hitchhiking. To inspire you to the possibilities, we’ve also rolled out 11 of the coolest things you could decide to learn on your RTW trip, including a specially made itinerary that includes them all; just for you! Interested in the arts? Educate yourself at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival… it happens in August this year, so there’s still time to get tickets! Here’s what you may have missed: Edinburgh Fringe Festival If you’re interested in taking a deeper look at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (and life) then this one is for you. From dealing with death, to art as therapy, and the transition from consumer to “maker,” Brooke Allen will challenge the way you participate in arts festivals and how that applies to real life. “The third person I talked to was another young woman who was exuding enthusiasm. I asked her how she felt and she said, “Wonderful.” When I asked her why, she said, “Because we’re not very good, and that’s OK.” She explained that she’d been suffering low self-esteem for a decade and had tried every form of therapy she could find: Freudian analysis, cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, reiki, […]
What is your “Ah-Ha” moment?
For Day 20 of the 2015 Indie Travel Challenge, we’re asking you:   Here to tell us her ‘ah-ha’ moment is Dani, our head of social media:   “I’ve had a many ‘ah-ha’ moments when it comes to learning things on my travels, but the one I come back to is what happened to me on my very first international trip. I got off the airplane in Zagreb and headed to the line of buses that take you to the city.  I stepped onto the bus, and asked a little old Swedish couple, sitting in front, “Do you speak English?” Yes they nodded. “Is this the bus to Zagreb city?” The older women couldn’t hold back any longer.  She started giggling, grabbed her husband’s arm and says “Oh honey look! She has such a cute accent!” It was then that reality smacked me in the face… I was the one with the accent now! It was such an ‘ah-ha’ moment because up until that time it never dawned that I’m now the foreigner. This is not my country. I’m the one that speaks English funny. It was such an eye-opener for me. And also a great conversation opener, as I guess my shock of realizing I’m the outsider was apparent and the husband and wife quickly sat me down and started […]
What Has Travel Taught You?
Day 3 of the 2015 Indie Travel Challenge asks you: “I recall the two long-term trips I took and think back about how I had to completely readjust my life. I went from having all the comforts of home – car, schedule, daily routine, girlfriend, familiarity of my hometown – and reinvent myself as an independent self-reliant person. I had to trust my instincts, find a patience I never knew I could muster, learn to communicate and adapt to different cultures, and appreciate the moment. Whether it was standing in a thousand-year-old church or watching two locals play a game of chess in a local cafe, I remember living the experience by every second I was there. It showed me how to grab those moments in my everyday life and appreciate them to their fullest.” -Dave Campbell, Marketing Manager for BootsnAll.com Travel teaches us many things, but mostly – how strong we are.  You don’t realize just how much you can handle until you give everything up and hit the road to a foreign land.  Getting out of your comfort zone and traveling is one of the best ways to learn about yourself, the world, and gain the self-confidence to do anything! Tell us what travel has taught you.  Join the 2015 Indie Travel Manifesto now.