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Renting a Campervan for $1/day in Australia, An Ex-Soldier’s Essentials for Safe Travel, 3 Australian Road Trips, Getting to Know the Sharks in Guadalupe Island, Mexico
As the weather gets cooler in the Northern hemisphere, it’s a good time to let your travel plans go south. So this week’s content on BootsnAll is centered on great destinations for escaping the winter weather that is fast approaching half of the globe. While as Adam Seper explains, South America and Southeast Asia are always popular with travelers and expats alike (and with good reason), Australia is at the top of our list for a sunny international road trip: We have Jenn Miller at the ready with routes, while Nina Ragusa has tips on how to save big bucks on your rentals while you’re there with vehicle relocation. Finally, Maurice D. Valentine shares more shark stories from his diving trip to Guadalupe Island, Mexico. How to Rent a Vehicle for $1/day in Australia Want to travel in Australia for less? Nina Ragusa shares how she and her boyfriend used vehicle relocation to get from Melbourne to Darwin in a Mercedes-Benz campervan for $1/day. “Vehicle rental companies are in need of certain vehicles in certain places at certain times. If they don’t have a vehicle they need, they lose out on a customer. So instead, they allow others to drive the vehicle they need to them for a very low price. The company we ended up renting through,, needed […]
Latin America: This Week on BootsnAll
Latin America: This Week on BootsnAll If the journey is supposed to be the reward, someone forgot to tell the bus drivers in Bolivia. Latin America routinely ranks highly among indie travelers for being budget friendly and, for the most part, for having a decent tourist infrastructure. It’s also handy that much of the region speaks some form of Spanish – learn the basics of one language and you can get by for a good long while. Getting around Latin America, however, is far from a uniform experience. This week on BootsnAll we’re talking about Latin America, but not just the transportation. We’re kicking things off with an admonition to take your kids to Mexico despite what you’ve read in the news. Later in the week, you’ll read about some of the adrenaline-pumping activities you can enjoy in Chile, get tips for visiting the famous Salt Flats of Bolivia, and learn about planning an extended trip in South America. But we’d like you to talk to us about getting there. Week 14 of the Indie Travel Challenge 2012 is all about transportation in Latin America. Transportation in Latin America runs the gamut from the plush buses in Argentina to the chicken buses of Central America to Bolivia’s notorious “most dangerous road in the world.” No doubt many a traveler has returned from a trip through Latin America […]
Winter Getaways: This Week on BootsnAll
Winter Getaways: This Week on BootsnAll In much of the northern US, winter has arrived, bringing with it rain, snow, sleet, and the ensuing thoughts of ditching the cold for warmer weather. Of course not everyone yearns for balmy temperatures and bright blue seas; some travelers prefer to embrace the season on their travels, opting to hit the ski slopes or take advantage of off-season sales to  colder destinations. This week on BootsnAll, we’re looking at both sides of the travel temperature spectrum. First up, we’ll show you a Mexican beach town that defies expectations, then we’ll explore another side of the Caribbean in Latin America. We’ll check out some very off-the-beaten-path beaches and see why you just might want to visit Japan this winter. Week #4 of the Indie Travel Challenge 2012 is also about winter travels. When the weather gets cold, do you prefer to head to sunnier locales or do you love the outdoor adventures or off-season prices of winter? Warm or cold, what’s your dream winter travel destination, and do you have any travel plans for the coming months?   The Indie Travel Challenge is a year-long blogging project. Every Monday, we’ll post a new prompt, question, or challenge that bloggers can respond to via text, photos, or video. Respond on your own blog, and link back to BootsnAll so we can find and highlight the best submissions.  We […]