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How to Pack for 2 Drastically Different Trips, 11 Volcanoes in the Americas You Can Climb, Are You Safer Abroad?, and 15 Things You Won’t Miss About Long-term Travel
Happy Friday! This week on BootsnAll we’re featuring content with tips on packing for back-to-back, drastically different trips without checking a bag from Michelle M. Winner, a handy list of climbable volcanoes in the Americas from blogger Eileen Smith, Reflections (and a reality check) on alcohol, violence, and police culture in three countries from Maurice D. Valentine that beg the question: “Are we safer abroad than at home?” and finally Jo Fitzsimons’ hilarious list of the things pretty much no one misses about long-term travel with a few tips on how to manage them if you’re still on the road. How to Pack (Carry-on Only) for 2 Drastically Different Trips Packing for two drastically different destinations carry-on only can be done, but it it’s hard to swing. Michelle M. Winner shares her best tips for packing smart and light and never checking a bag again. “Use your carry-on allowance (small roller bag and a shoulder bag as a personal item) to its full capacity. Besides saving the killer fees per leg, there is no chance of lost luggage, theft, missing connections, and luggage-handling delays slowing you down. Don’t waste your time and money checking bags.” 11 Volcanoes in the Americas That You Can Actually Climb Have you ever wanted to see a volcano up close? You have more options than […]
What is the #1 Thing You Can’t Travel Without?
Today on the 2015 Indie Travel Challenge, we went out into the world and asked travel bloggers to tell us   Jim O’Donnell from Around the World in Eighty Years wrote: “Camera. I actually see the world in a more in depth way when I have my camera with me. I’m more likely to take a second, third or fourth look at a face, a flower or a view when I have my camera. The camera slows me down. It helps me engage with the people I meet and it forces me to look at buildings or landscapes from different viewpoints. I have a more complex and in depth experience while travelling with my camera.” We had quite a few “camera”s as answers to this one.  Who does love looking back on and sharing memories?   Michelle from Anywhere At Home doesn’t travel anywhere without a little bit of silver magic: “Duct tape – rather than the entire roll, I wrap a pretty decent length around a credit card and stash it in my pack. I’ve used it to tape the sole back onto my boot, to tape a hole shut in my tent, and wrapped it around my heel when I didn’t have any moleskin” Duct tape really does hold the world together.   Heather of Howes in the […]