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Tools for Travel Dreaming & Inspiration: This Week on BootsnAll
Tools for Travel Dreaming & Inspiration: This Week on BootsnAll Having a place to keep track of the things that inspire us to travel is nothing new. Remember the days when an image from a magazine would compel you to tear it out and hang it on a bulletin board in your hallway, reminding you to get out there and see the world? Or when, as you were researching your next adventure, you’d jot down recommendations you heard about from friends or on TV in the margins of your guidebook? My friend Melanie keeps 3-ring binders organized by country with articles and photos from magazines and newspapers, which she then refers to when she’s planning a trip. (It’s the most organized analog travel inspiration system I’ve ever seen.) Today, of course, many of our travel dreaming tools have gone digital. Personally, I keep my TripDoc iPhone app open whenever I’m watching a travel TV show so I can put that restaurant Tony Bourdain is fawning over on a map for when I (eventually, I hope) visit that city. After gathering tips for recent trips to Paris and New York, my maps were overflowing – there was no way I’d be able to hit all those recommended spots during short visits, but the fact that I had all those options made me really happy. And, of course, I’ve got a head-start […]