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Introducing the Summer Edition of the Around the World Airfare Report
Introducing the Summer Edition of the Around the World Airfare Report Back in the spring we published a free downloadable report on the state of round the world (RTW) airfare around the world. ┬áThe idea was to offer travelers a comprehensive report comparing the different options out there for RTW airfare – including the DIY model of buying one-way tickets to get yourself around the world. Download the summer version of the Around the World Airfare Report for free here! Almost as soon as we were finished with the first edition, we began thinking about version two. We thought about what we learned from our research and writing of the first report, listened to feedback from you, our readers, and started researching this version. There are some differences in this report, largely the introduction of specific search features and prices for round the world tickets from three different countries – the United States, the UK, and Australia. Instead of searching all the same companies for each departure point, like we did last time, we found companies in each country and worked with them, trying to simulate as best we could what a real search would look like. Again we posed as customers to get the most accurate look at what you as travelers would experience when shopping for a RTW ticket. We also came up with two separate routes to search […]