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All Packed, Nowhere to go – No #TBEX for Sean
I got to the airport this morning on my way to TBEX 2013, scanned my passport –it EXPIRED yesterday. Ouch. This happened to me 10 years ago in Australia as well. I didn’t learn! I’ll blame it on my infant twins and 6 months of sleep deprivation. I asked the lady from Delta if I can bribe someone. She said, “No.” Oh well – lesson learned again – time to embrace change!
Ode to People We Met at TBEX 2011
Ode to People We Met at TBEX 2011 The 2011 Travel Blog Exchange Conference has come and gone. And no matter what you thought about the conference content and organization, one thing is undeniable – this was the year’s best chance to meet hundreds of other travel bloggers all in one spot. There were bloggers who write about budget travel, family travel, luxury travel, and culinary travel; bloggers who focus on specific regions or destinations like Italy or South America or Las Vegas; bloggers who write compelling narrative, and those who create service pieces with style; and there were bloggers who were experts in the fields of SEO, branding, and photography. With such a diverse crowd, attendees could seek out like-minded bloggers or just mix and mingle with a widely different group who had one thing in common: a love of travel and a desire to share their stories with the world. Here are some of the people the BootsnAll team enjoyed meeting at TBEX. From BootsnAll’s WhyGo Italy Writer, Jessica Spiegel: In its third year, TBEX is just as much about seeing existing friends as it is about making new ones – but in addition to finally getting to meet the illustrious Andrew Evans, Marilyn Terrell, Kayt Sukel, and Banff Squirrel, I was particularly excited this year by a few chance meetings I wasn’t expecting. Bianca from […]
This Week on BootsnAll: Let’s Talk Travel Writing
This Week on BootsnAll: Let’s Talk Travel Writing Travel writing sounds like a dream job (“Get paid to travel!” or “Fund your travels with a blog!” promise the ads for travel writing courses) but the reality is that making a living from your travels isn’t as easy or glamorous as it might seem. Whether you’re just sharing your adventures with family and friends via your blog or aiming to earn a living from writing about your experiences, it’s wise to learn more about what you’re getting yourself into and what you can expect as you get started with travel blogging. Last week, we explored the benefits and challenges of starting a travel blog, and this week we’re digging deeper into the world of travel writing. In preparation for TBEX 2011 in Vancouver, we’re looking at how you can get the most out of a travel blogging conference, with tips on being professional, networking and staying organized amidst the chaos. Later this week, we’ll get a language lesson with a look at some popular travel sayings and where they come from, and learn more about one cliche than should never appear in your writing. And if you’re not convince blogging is how you want to fund your trip around the world, we’ll also present several alternative careers that not only encourage, but require travel as part of the job. […]