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Ho Chi Minh Must-Sees, Why Do We Have to Go Back?, The Thailand of Your Dreams, and Lessons from Jakarta
This week at BootsnAll we’re talking about travel in Vietnam, and Thailand and reflecting on what travel teaches us, during and after a trip. Phil Anderson gives us a list of must-sees in Ho Chi Minh City, and Jenn Miller shares her thoughts on what we take home when we return from a trip, however long, as well as an off the beaten path experience with her family in Northern Thailand and finally her feelings about Jakarta, Indonesia, and discovering difficult truths about yourself through travel. Read on to catch up on what you missed! Ho Chi Minh City Must-Sees Don’t get overwhelmed by all there is to see in Ho Chi Minh City (the city formerly known as Saigon). Phil Anderson gives his best tips on what to see in the hectic Vietnamese metropolis. “Chow in Cholon Cholon is the most hectic part of Saigon. Also known as Chinatown, Cholon is the economic heartbeat of the city where opium dens, prostitutes, and gambling once converged (although these days, Saigon’s Fifth District is a deeper shade of red). It’s a place to sup on soups in the street and soak up the lively atmosphere.” Why Do We Have to Go Back? It’s pretty normal to feel conflicted about going home and putting your travels on hold (however temporarily). Jenn Miller […]
Chiang Mai for Digital Nomads, Finding a Meditation Retreat, 5 Dishes to Try in Laos, and How Travel Changes Your Politics
This week on BootsnAll we’re delving deeper into the ways that travel can be life-changing, as well as sharing some practical advice for travelers to Southeast Asia. Our experts share how to embrace a digital nomad lifestyle in Chiang Mai, what to eat in Laos, how to find a meditation retreat that’s right for you, and finally how travel changes your life and your politics. Read on for what you may have missed! Chiang Mai for Digital Nomads Northern Thailand’s city of temples isn’t just an amazing place to visit.  Resident and long-time expat in Thailand, Elizabeth Kelsey, explains why Chiang Mai is an ideal destination for setting up camp as a digital nomad. She also shares her best tips on finding work and housing, getting around town, and shopping. “If you’re serious about finding a teaching job, my suggestion is to contact schools directly to see if they’re hiring. After speaking with school directors in Phuket, I’ve learned that they are in desperate need of serious applicants that really care about students, and aren’t just trying to get a job to fund their partying habit. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear directors express the same sentiment in Chiang Mai. Passion for teaching and sincere, heartfelt interest in the success of your students will make you stand out as a candidate, […]