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Travel Bracketology: This Week on BootsnAll
Travel Bracketology: This Week on BootsnAll Hey, sports fans! Not a day goes by where, somewhere in this world, there’s not some kind of sporting event going on. We have no actual confirmation of this, but we’re pretty sure it’s true. With a few sports nuts around the BootsnAll office, it was probably inevitable that we finally moved past the March Madness office pool and instead created our own tournament all about travel. Introducing – Travel Bracketology. Through the rest of March, we’re going to be tallying your votes to determine which country you think deserves the title of “best country for independent travel.” To begin, we’re asking you to go to our Facebook page and nominate or vote for countries in order to come up with an initial list of 64 – 16 countries from each of four regions of the world. From there, we’ll use our new Indie-o-Meter to judge each head-to-head country match-up. The four regional polls: THE AMERICAS: What’s the best country in North, Central, & South America for independent travel? EUROPE: What’s the best country in Europe for independent travel? ASIA & OCEANIA: What’s the best country in Asia & Oceania for independent travel? AFRICA & MIDDLE EAST: What’s the best country in Africa & Middle East for independent travel? Week 11 of the Indie Travel Challenge 2012 is all about Travel […]