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Embarking on a RTW Journey with RedheadWanderer
Meet Arlie.  She’s a spunky 14 year old girl who is just embarked on a RTW trip with her family.  She is also the creator of the blog Redhead Wanderer.   Before she left, she let us interview her to ask questions about what it’s like preparing for such a big trip:   Hi Arlie.  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself: I’m 14 and from Boise, Idaho.  I like reading, art, diy, sewing, cooking, baking, school.   Tell us a bit about your family you are traveling with: My dad, Steve, owns a construction company, so he is able to work remotely and go on this trip. He loves fishing! My mom, Dottie, has red hair just like me, and she loves cooking, baking and running.  My little sister, Millie, is 10 years old, in 5th grade, and she likes school, art. My other little sister, Norah, is 8 years old, and she loves playing basketball, roller-skating, ice-skating, and being spunky.   How did the idea to take this trip come about? My parents have always wanted to do something like this. Last January, my mom was watching “House Hunters”, and both of my parents realized that if they were ever going to go on a trip around the world, it would have to be now, because […]
RTW Travel Planning – Where Will You Go?
  Today our former editor and now travel guru Adam Seeper, joins us to tell you about how he planned his RTW trip and what he would do differently after a year travel: “Here was our route from a flight perspective. We flew into Lima, traveled overland through Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina over to Buenos Aires. Had an apartment there for a month before flying down to Patagonia. We traveled around Patagonia and the Lake District in both Argentina and Chile before flying from Santiago to Bogota. We traveled around Colombia for a month (~6 months in South America total) before flying to New Zealand via LA.” “We spent 5 weeks traveling New Zealand in a camper van before flying to Bangkok, where we traveled around Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia for about 3.5 months. We then flew to Delhi, where we traveled around India for 6 weeks before flying home from Mumbai.”     “Knowing what I know now, I would have done several things differently.   Stay longer in more places and just slow down in general. We rented an apartment in Buenos Aires for a month, which was one of the major highlights of our trip, partly because we were able to unpack our bags, slow down, become part of a community, and have a place to […]
Why Go to South-East Asia on your Indie/RTW Trip?
When planning and RTW or Long-term Indie Trip, figuring out where to go on this globe is a question that we have heard 1000s of times. Where should I go? Why? With a budget, and only so much time, decisions need to be made. With this problem in mind, we’ve totally recontructed our Indie Travel Guide pages to answer this one question: “Why should I go to [location]?” Check out our first crack at this for the following South-East Asia Destinations. Little surveys will pop-up after you start reading. Please fill them out and let us know what you think. Even if you think they suck! We wanna know. Southeast Asia Indie Travel Guide Vietnam Indie Travel Guide Indie Travel in Vietnam on $30 Per Day Thailand Indie Travel Guide Cambodia Indie Travel Guide    
This Week on BootsnAll: Planning for 2012
This Week on BootsnAll: Planning for 2012 Happy New Year! We hope your 2011 was full of meaningful connections, working and playing with passion, embracing change and learning about yourself and the world. And we hope the coming year bring you even more amazing indie travel experiences. This week, we’re kicking off the new year with a week dedicated to planning. We’ll suggest some great travel resolutions to inspire you to get out and go, and help you cope when you’re in between planning trips. We’re also kicking off a new weekly event, called the Indie Travel Challenge, that will last for all of 2012! If you enjoyed participating in or reading the responses to our 30 Days of Indie Travel project, you’ll love what we have in store for you this year. Rather than doing a prompt every day, we’ll post a prompt, question, or challenge (are you up for it?) every week for all of 2012! Similarly to the 30 Days of Indie Travel, we’ll ask you to respond to the prompt on your own blog, and link back to BootsnAll so we can find and highlight the best submissions. For the very first week, we’re talking resolutions! Many of us use the New Year as a time to make resolutions that we think will improve our lives. We plan to eat better, spend less, […]