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Giving Back: This Week on BootsnAll
Giving Back: This Week on BootsnAll At first blush, one might assume that hunters and fishermen would be on the opposite side of the environmental argument from organizations whose mission is preserve our natural world. In fact, hunters and fishermen are often some of the most staunch environmentalists, because their livelihood depends on a stable ecosystem. The same can be said for travelers, who – despite our penchant for hopping into gas-guzzling cars and planes to explore the far reaches of the earth – end up being environmentally aware simply because if we don’t do our part to preserve the planet, it won’t be here for us to explore. It’s a selfish line of reasoning, there’s no denying that, but if the outcome is good for the environment then I think that’s just fine. Where am I going with this? I’m getting to this week’s Indie Travel Challenge, which is a challenge – not just a blogging prompt – about giving back. >> And don’t miss this week’s travel transformation story, “Why You Should Forgo the American Dream and Let Travel Transform Your Life“ Week 16 of the Indie Travel Challenge¬†2012 is about voluntourism. Many of us take trips that are relatively brief, and we’ve got them planned from morning ’til night, with hardly any room for rest, let alone volunteering. But volunteering while you travel […]