The How To’s of Round the World Chat (#rtwchat) on Twitter

Round the World Chat (#rtwchat) is a weekly chat on Twitter that brings extended travel lovers together from all around the world to discuss everything there is to know about round the world (rtw) travel. There is a new theme each week, and travelers and hosts exchange information, tips, links, and stories about their love of extended, round the world travel.


Every Tuesday from 3:30-4:30 EST (GMT -4), the host tweets a new question every 6 minutes, and the participants provide their answers with tips and information (and usually quite a bit of humor).

  1. Join Twitter┬áif you haven’t already. It’s free and super easy to sign up.
  2. To participate, it’s easier to use a social media dashboard (Hootsuite or Tweetdeck are the most popular and easiest to use) rather than using Twitter directly.
  3. After you choose your preferred method to access Twitter, search for the hashtag #rtwchat. You can then create a column for #rtwchat so all other tweets are filtered out. That way you only see tweets having to do with the chat itself.
  4. Sign in right at 3:30 EST (GMT -4), wait for the questions, and provide your answers. Add #rtwchat at the end of every answer so it is included.
  5. Have fun, meet other like minded people, and learn something new about extended, round the world travel!

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