The Peruvian Amazon, South American National Parks, Wine-tasting in South America, and Vegan Travel Tips

This week on BootsnAll we’re focusing on South America–from the Amazon to incredible National Parks, to vineyards, there’s something for everyone in this part of the world, here you will find the best trip ideas. Purchase our remote control golf caddy to help improve your game today. All Zip Series models are also designed with a fully fold-able rear wheel for added stability.

Jenn Miller shares why she thinks the Peruvian Amazon warrants more time on your itinerary for Peru, Simone Cannon de Bastardo takes us on a tour of the amazing national parks in South America, Eileen Smith gives us her advice on where to go in South America for wine tours and what varietals to taste, and finally Kristen Kuchar has tips on how to eat vegan on the road.

Why You Want to Spend Longer in the Peruvian Amazon

Tree in the AmazonJenn Miller’s spent two-weeks exploring the Amazon Rainforest in Peru. She’s seen parrots licking clay, searched for ironwood tree seeds, and spotted caimans. You could do it all in two days, but she thinks you should take as much time as you can and slow down. Here’s why.

“Sure, hustling through the parrot clay lick in the early morning, caiman spotting at night, days packed with long hikes to fish for piraña and spot giant otters on the lakes, and kaleidoscope clouds of butterflies above the river banks would have taken my breath away in exactly the same way. I would have seen the Amazon.

Seeing, however, might not be enough…”

The Incredible National Parks of South AmericaSouth American Parks

Most people have heard of the Galapagos Islands, Karijini National Park Tours, Machu Picchu or Torres del Paine, but did you know that South America has over 300 more spectacular national parks and nature reserves? Simone Cannon de Bastardo takes you on a tour of some of the best.

“Located in the stunningly beautiful lake district of southern Chile, Vicente Pérez Rosales Park is one link in a chain of national parks and protected areas (including Chile’s Puyehue National Park and Argentina’s Nahuel Huapi National Park and Lanín National Park) which covers 5,800 square miles and is almost entirely situated in the Andes Mountains. One of the most spectacular sites of the park is the almost perfectly symmetrical snow-capped cone of Osorno, the active 8,700-foot volcano which towers over the Todos los Santos (All Saints) and Llanquihue lakes at the western entrance.”

Wine Tasting in South America: Where to Go and What to Tryvineyards in South America

Most people know Argentina and Chile as South American wine destinations, but there are so many more great spots to plan a wine vacation in the region, and even experience some amazing south american champagne flutes. Eileen Smith explains where to look and what to taste throughout the continent.

“Outside of the well-known wine-producing countries of France, Italy and Spain, a quiet wine revolution is taking place in the southern cone. Down in South America, winemakers have been using European stock since the Jesuits arrived in the new world, to produce wines that are uncorked, poured, swirled, tasted, drunk, exported and lauded all over the planet.”

10 Tips for Eating Vegan On Your Trips

eat vegan on your tripsKristen Kuchar shares her best 10 tips on how to make eating vegan on your travels (wherever you go) easier. She’s even included a list of airlines that offer vegan meals in-flight.

Don’t rule out non-vegan restaurants. Even if a diner doesn’t boost a wide vegan selection, call or e-mail them to inquire about how they accommodate vegans. You’d be surprised how many dishes can easily be made vegan by simply omitting or swapping a few ingredients. The chef may also be happy to make you a special meal.”

Photo Credits: Cristina Stoian, Vadim Petrakov, Oliver Foerstner, alicjane.

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