The Traveler’s Handbooks – Last Minute Digital Gift?

travelers handbooks



My friend Janice Waugh of the Solo Traveler recently launched a series of Traveler Handbooks. She sent me the digital copies and I spent about 5 hours one afternoon in November reading all 5 of the books.

When I say read, I read the stories and personal bits. The guide parts, I skimmed since I’m familiar with each topic. I took notes when I was reading them, but with the birth of my twin identical daughters a few weeks ago, I have not been able to share it till now.

Overall, I consider these well produced books that are totally worthy as a gift for yourself, or for someone else that you love.

Here are my notes and links.

careerbreak_coverCareer Break Handbook
I’ve tangentially know the author Jeff Jung of Career Break Secrets via his work on Meet Plan Go. The books goes into his personal story and “why” behind doing his Career Break and lots of Howtos on doing it yourself.

solo_coverSolo Traveler’s Handbook
Janice, as mentioned above, is the publisher of this series. Her personal story of her husband passing away and how solo travel helps inspire her to live better comes through in this book as well as howtos of solo travel.

food_cover-191x300Food Traveler’s Handbook
Jodi of Legal Nomads is dead on into Food. Jessica, Jodi and I went out for Chinese Food in Portland a few years ago. At the time, I could see her love and passion for food and how it connects us via travel. This was probably my favorite of the 5 books, since I don’t think of this aspect as much. Well done Jodi.

volunteer_coverVolunteer Traveler’s Handbook
I’ve known Shannon through her blog and seeing her at various events over the years. I thought of her more as an RTW Traveler, but after I read this book, I realize how much volunteering she has put in during her travels as well. Again, this books intertwines the “howto” part of the volunteering with the author’s personal experiences.

luxury_coverLuxury Traveler’s Handbook
This was the book that I was least interested in personally, but I still skimmed it. As all the other handbooks, it takes the reader down the author’s personal journey and experiences, as well as some concrete howtos for getting Luxury Travel for less.

All book are available via Amazon and in digital and printed format.