This Week on BootsnAll: A Toast to the New Year

The holiday season is filled with parties and festivities shared with family and friends, with good food, good drinks, and good cheer. So what better time than now to take a look at how the world celebrates with a cold beer, a stiff drink, or glass of wine?

This week on BootsnAll, we’ll take a look at some drinks you shouldn’t miss on your travels and learn about drinking traditions around the world.


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Comments on This Week on BootsnAll: A Toast to the New Year

Grace Pamer
28 December 2011

Hey, that sounds interesting. I am so excited to know how those drinks are made and where they come from. Plus, learning about the drinking traditions in different countries around the world seems pretty fun. I think every country has its own way of having fun through drinking. Anyway, Happy Holidays!

Jim @NeverStopTraveling
06 January 2012

May I also suggest a new topic — the pairing of beer and food!

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