This Week on BootsnAll: America the Beautiful

If there’s one thing all travelers have in common, it’s that we all share a desire to seek out new experiences and see more of the world. Unfortunately, many of us concentrate so hard on seeing “the world” that we ignore our own countries. And in the case of the United States, that means forsaking a pretty significant amount of land.

The United States is so big, and – for a single country united under government, language and history – incredibly diverse. From sea to shining sea, there are big cities, small towns, sprawling suburbs and areas where you won’t see a house for miles. There are purple mountains majesty, rolling hills, flat plains, swamplands, beaches, deserts and forests. On the surface, one place in the US can look exactly the opposite of another. And when you look deeper, you’ll see that the differences can also extend to the culture, the customs, the food, and the way of life of a place.

So this week on BootsnAll we’re exploring some of the appeals of traveling in the United States, celebrating the differences among cities and some of the amazing places to visit within the country. On Monday, we checked out some of the most popular national parks, and how you can visit them without all the crowds. On Tuesday, we’re taking a quirky tour of some of the oddest roadside attractions in the US, and on Thursday and Friday, we’ll get tips for visiting New Orleans and find out why you should visit Chicago this summer.

On Thursday, don’t forget to stop by if you’re considering a career break or long term travel, as Adam Seper will help you decide if quitting your job to travel is the right choice in this economy.

Want to explore more of the US this summer? Here are some tips and ideas to get you started:

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