This Week on BootsnAll: Business Travel

Business travel accounts for a large portion of the travel industry’s revenue every year. Thanks to movies like “Up in the Air” many of us now envision business travelers as jetsetting playboys, racking up miles and living glamorous, yet lonely lives as they rush from airport to airport. Of course, the reality is much less interesting, and many business travelers consider time spent on flights and in transit as just a necessary part of the job.

Still, business travelers always seem to have inside tips on how to make a flight more pleasant and how to minimize times at the airport so even if your job doesn’t require you to travel, you can still learn a lot from business travelers.

This week, we’re uncovering their secrets and sharing some top tips that can apply to leisure travelers as well. Tuesday we’ll take a look as some of the reasons you should actually enjoy your next flight, and later in the week, we’ll round up 53 of the best travel tips from business travelers. And on Wednesday, Adam Seper will reveal several excellent non-travel resources that you can use to make your RTW trip better.

Check out these other resources for business travel:

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