This Week on BootsnAll: Exploring Scandinavia

I love summer, but after a month of sweltering temperatures in Chicago, I’m dreaming of cooler climes, like those found in Scandinavian countries. While more southerly areas of Scandinavia have summers more similar to northern Europe and the northern US, as you travel further north temps can range from warm to brisk, the perfect antidote to the summer heat wave experienced by much of the US this month.

While the term Scandinavia technically refers to Denmark, Sweden and Norway, it’s often applied to include Iceland (formerly ruled by Denmark), the Faroe Islands and Greenland (both autonomous constituent countries of Denmark) and Finland.

While the cultures, languages, foods, and people of the region have a shared ancestry, each country has evolved into a  unique destination.  This week we’re learning more about these beautiful, often overlooked, countries in the North Atlantic. From the highlights of Iceland to where to see the Northern Lights to how to visit Stockholm on a budget, we’ve got the scoop on Scandinavia.

Learn more about Scandinavia or start planning your trips with these resources:

Photo by: EKSidley

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