This Week on BootsnAll: Southeast Asia, Discovery vs. Escape & Coming Home

How’s winter treating you? Are you looking for 12 reasons to escape to Southeast Asia? We’ve got them for you! We’re also finishing up the Indie Travel Challenge this week, discussing the motivations we have for travel: Discovery vs. Escape, and getting real about the emotional struggles of coming home. Here’s what you missed:

12 Reasons Southeast Asia is the Best for Backpackers

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For the budget conscious backpacker, it’s hard to beat Southeast Asia. Amazing street food for a buck a plate, deep history and culture, ease of connectivity for the digital nomad crowd, bustling cities, serene countrysides and some of the friendliest people in the world. Have you been yet? We’ve got 12 reasons that you want to put it on your list for 2016.

Indie Travel Challenge Final Round Up

We’ve had a great time with the Indie Travel Challenge. It’s been a blast to connect with so many passionate, likeminded travelers and swap stories, experiences, tips, photos and more. Check out the final round up for the last few days of activity and a sampling from the entire month. Thanks to each and every one who participated in our annual travel party!

Do You Travel for Discovery or Escape?

So, which is it? I know that, for me, it’s sometimes been both. There are legitimate reasons to escape. Discovery is always an educational experience. The world is a big place and the “why” behind our travels says a lot about who we are, where we are in our inner experience, and the journey we’re on. No judgement here, just an examination of what drives us to keep exploring.

Coming Home: A Heart Divided

grace thum
You know that feeling: the deep sadness that you can’t quite articulate, the homesickness for a place that clearly isn’t home, the struggle to reintegrate the new you into the old surroundings. Every traveler goes through it. Grace articulates it well and provides encouragement for the heart divided.

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