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In some countries, like the UK and Australia, a gap year is nearly required. After high school or college, students take a break from their studies and hit the road, backpacking and learning about the world first-hand. Even throughout the year, these students often find ways to step away from the classroom and travel the globe. Yet somehow, in the US, the importance of travel isn’t emphasized as much to students. While many flee the campus each spring for Spring Break destinations like Florida and Mexico, fewer students travel in a way that helps them gain a greater perspective of the world.

If today’s students are anything like I was, their main reason for not traveling more is that they just don’t think it’s possible. While I had no problem road-tripping from Michigan from Florida over my spring break, the idea of exploring Europe, or Southeast Asia, or South America, or Africa was simply unfathomable. The cost was prohibitive, I thought, and even if I could afford it, none of my friends would go and going alone was a thought that never crossed my mind. But traveling as a student is not only possible, it’s also safe and more affordable than you may think. And you can even travel as a part of studies, with multiple options for study abroad programs.

If you’re a student interested in traveling the world, stayed tuned this week to learn about creative ways to fund your trip (and sooner than you think!) and discover some of the best small towns for studying abroad. We’ll also explain just why taking a gap year is so important, and how it can actually help you as you continue your studies or move into your first career. And we’ll help you not to be that annoying traveler but poking fun at some of the types of travelers you’ll meet on the road.

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