This Week on BootsnAll: The Great Outdoors

This week on BootsnAll, we’re celebrating the the great outdoors and summer adventure. After the cold, dreary days of winter, it’s time to get outside and explore the world. Now that summer is here, we’re ready to hit the beach go for a hike, camp under the stars and soak in all the fresh air and sunshine we possibly can!

Today, we checked out some of the best places in the US to hike, whether you’re a novice hiker or an old pro. Tomorrow we’ll explore some awesome southern beach towns around the country, and on Thursday we’ll unearth some things you didn’t know about eco-tourism.

And don’t forget to stop by for Round the World Wednesday, as Adam Seper debates two styles of RTW trips: the planned trip vs a more spontaneous adventure. If you’re planning your trip and unsure how much to plan or leave flexible, don’t miss these tips!

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Photo by caljuggler

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