This Week on BootsnAll: The Holidays Are on Their Way

I know, I know. It’s barely November and already we’re talking about holiday travel? Don’t worry, we’re not about to start decking the halls or counting down to New Year’s Eve just yet; we find it just as annoying as everyone else when stores start putting up their Christmas displays before we’ve even gotten over our post-Halloween-candy-binge stomachache. But when it comes to travel – especially around the peak holiday travel days – it pays to be a little ahead of the game.

So this week on BootsnAll, we’re focusing on prepping for the holiday travel season. From hooking you up with great Thanksgiving travel deals to cluing you in to the best and worst days to travel for Christmas, whether you want to spend Christmas in New York or New Year’s Eve in France, we can help you plan your holiday travels for less.  On Round the World Wednesday we’ll even help you cope if you’re planning on spending the holidays on the road and away from family. We’ll also give you a bit of trip inspiration if you’re looking to get out of town before the end of year, including some great places to ski in North America. 

Get started with  a few ideas for holiday travel: 

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