This Week on BootsnAll: Travel Gear and Gadgets

When traveling, you’re essentially living with nothing but the items in your bag, so it’s understandable why some travelers obsess over having just the right gear. From waterproof, windproof, stainproof, zip-off, mosquito-repellent, quick-drying clothes to the latest high-tech gadgets, they’re always in search of the next things that can make their trip easier and their pack lighter.

And then there are the travelers on the other end of the spectrum  – those who set off with the same clothes they’d wear at home, with nothing but their trusty iPod, phone, and guidebook to weigh them down. And of course, there are a whole lot of variations in between.

Whether you are a gear junky or only invest in the bare minimum, there’s no doubt a few simple items you could add to your next trip that would make it easier, better, cheaper, or lighter. This week on BootsnAll, we’re all about the travel gear, from high-tech gadgets to simple tips to help you save time, space and energy on your trip.

First up, we turn a critical eye on some cool gadgets that make big promises to help you travel better, and see if you really need the products for your travel style. Then we’ll learn about the art of the extreme road trip and what you need to do to prepare. We’ll check out some great apps for round the world travelers, and get some great tips for women travelers.

But first, read more about travel gear: 

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