This Week on BootsnAll: Traveling Through History

Travel can teach us a lot about the world right now. We see how the people of a place live, work, and play in modern day. But travel can also teach us just as much about the past and often understanding the history of a destination is vital to understanding why it is the way it is today.

Without knowing about the city’s turbulent, complex, and at times terrible history, the city of Berlin – with its constantly changing cultural landscape and seemingly never-ending desire for the new – might not have delighted me as much as it did. Learning about the history of apartheid in South Africa made visiting Robben Island all the more powerful. And I think I love my hometown of Detroit even more because I know the sad story of the city’s decline.

This week, we’re digging deeper in the connection between history and present day with stories shaped by the past, present and future. We’ll look at some incredible historic hotels you can still stay in and check out some of the candidates for the new 7 Wonders of the World. And on Round the World Wednesday, Adam Seper will offer up a few ideas for amazing journeys you can take on your own rtw trip.

First, read more about travel for the history buff:

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