This Week on BootsnAll: Trekking and Climbing

Sometimes we hit the road in search of the world’s greatest cities. Other times we may long to explore a place’s history, or culture, or food, or art. And sometimes, we just want to get out in the world’s wildest spaces, surround ourselves in nature, and challenge our bodies to their limit.

Whether you’re ready to climb Kilimanjaro or just want to talk a long walk in the woods, trekking, climbing and hiking can add another layer to your travel experience that makes it all more memorable and rewarding.

This week, we’re offering up a whole range of options for those who want to explore the world on foot. First up, we’ve covered ten small countries that you can walk across on a typical short trip (under two weeks) even if you aren’t a hardcore hiker.

From there we’ll revisit some of the most unique walking paths in the world. On Thursday, we’ll offer tips to help you trek responsibly, being conscious of the local environment. And we’ll round out the week with tips on how you can visit one of the world’s best hiking destinations – Switzerland – on a budget.

But first, here are a few more ideas and resources to help you plan a trekking trip:

 Photo by GuideGunnar- Arctic Norway

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